Imaginiya is proud to supply high quality Face & Body painting products from our preferred suppliers.


Amerikan Body Art

Amerikan Body Art was started in 2003 by Erika Harrison. Every year, the ABA team has discovered or created new and innovative products to offer to their customers. They continue to evolve and grow to keep up with the latest trends in the Face and Body Art industry. They work very closely with Face and Body artists so that they can be sure that their products are effective and well loved. All of their products are tested extensively for safety and if they don't trust a product enough for use on their own children, they don't sell it. ABA prides itself on the quality and safety of its products.


Kryvaline Paint Products are FDA and EU compliant, have not been tested on animals, and are vegan friendly. Our dedication to making and developing outstanding quality products means that you can confidently and safely use them on children and adults as make-up or to create fantastic face or body art. The glycerine and paraffin wax based paints are free of harmful perfumes, sulfates and drying agents, which allow them to be used on sensitive skin, and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Our bright and bold colours are easily blended and offer exceptional opaque coverage suitable for theatrical applications and FX effects. 

Loew Cornell

Loew-Cornell is proud to be a respected leader in the art and craft supply market. Established in 1963 by European immigrants, Loew-Cornell's founders emphasized hard work, dedication and attention to detail, while providing the finest in art supplies into the market. Over the years they have had many impressive accomplishments including pioneering new brush designs, which are used by Face and Body artists all over the world. 

Sparkle Tattoo

Sparkle Tattoo is 100% Canadian owned and operated and Imaginiya is proud to offer you their high quality products. Glitter tattoos are entertaining for both children and adults. They can be used at parties, special events, BBQ's, school functions and really anytime you want to! 

Every effort has been made to ensure colour accuracy between the actual product and the picture shown however due to different screen settings, there may be slight variations.