About Us

Hi and Welcome to Imaginiya!

Imaginiya is built on the foundation that anyone can create a little magic with paint. So our job is to bring you the safest and highest quality products so that you can do exactly that! 

Face and Body painting is an art form that spans the spectrum of age, ability and gender. Whether you're a parent looking to paint at your childs' party, an organisation planning a festival or a face painting business owner looking to fill your kit, we want to help you get what you need. 

We opened our first store, Serendipi, in Australia with the goal of providing the highest level of customer service to people looking to buy face and body paints. Our customer base grew steadily month by month and we loved being able to provide products everyone felt comfortable putting on little faces. 

Moving to Canada has brought with it many wonderful opportunities and Imaginiya is one of them. Imaginiya is truly a labour of love and with it, we bring the same level of excellent customer care and high quality products as we have done before.  For our Canadian customers, we aim to bring in as many products as possible under NAFTA thereby eliminating high duty and customs fees. Those cost savings are passed directly onto you.

Product safety is a priority for us as we imagine it is for you. We supply products that have been rigorously tested and approved. If we wouldn't put it on our kids faces, we don't sell it. It's that simple. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide beautiful, safe products whilst delivering the highest standard of customer service. We appreciate any and all feedback so please, never hesitate to get in touch, we love hearing from you!

Natalie D'Souza   &  Mariano Saint-Clair

Business Owner        Technology & Design